Monday, 25 February 2013


I have been looking into some publication designs for ideas on visually what I think will look good for my own.  These are some I've found that I either like as a whole or I want to take certain elements from and use in my own designs.

A brief to highlight remote islands around the world delivered through a promotional package and catalogue. 
'A Drop In The Ocean' profiles five different locations in its first edition and aims to inform and inspire the reader about these unique environments. Facts, figures, photographs and a brief history of each island/island group can be seen in the hand-bound catalogue. Corporate stationery to address the customer has also been designed along with individual itinerary booklets and a set of limited edition prints featuring maps of the islands, which are all wrapped into a deluxe package. 
 I think this is a tidy and professional looking way to put all your products together.  With good use of stock and a possible logo on the front, I think it could make a good travel type pack.  It folds out nicely to reveal the products inside.
 This is a good example of something I would like to create to do with Paris, I think it works well as a set of products and I like the use of photography, something I hope to incorporate in my range of work.    
Attention to detail, I like the subtlety of the logo on the right hand corner of the book.
These small set of books are something I really like about the range, with the right photography, its simple but effective design can look very interesting and eye catching, with a subtle title in contrasting colours.
I like the variety of stock used, I think it works nicely, the light brown in contrast to the black and white.
Idea and visual identity for a travel guide to coastal cities around the world, but from a rather offbeat and alternative viewpoint that is slightly different from the usual glossy travel magazines that focus either on popular tourist attractions or luxury travel.

This focuses mainly on photography, which is something I'm looking to use in my publication.  I like the plastic sheet front cover overlapping the photo with the book title on the front.  If I found a photography of paris that would work with this technique I think it could work well.
 Its simple design but I think it works, I like the idea of having the photo take up the majority of the page and having a white block layered with text.
 Something I want to try and do is cut type out of the photograph, as in this spread:
Using photography and other artistic mediums, create some sort of book with the purpose of spreading artistic visuals. I chose to create a book which showcased my photography up to that point. I used a technique for stitching/binding signatures that we learned in class in order to create the entire book by hand.

This is something that differs from the first two, in that the topic isn't to do with a place or travelling, its a book focusing on photography, I just think some of the photographs and the layout could work quite well when putting something similar together.
I would like to have some of my photographs span over two pages, however this depends on the quality of the image.
New York / London / San Francisco 2010 is a self-initiated publication documenting my travel during 2010. The aim was to communicate my experiences to others by outlining my daily activities and exhibiting my photography.

Scope of work: Book design / Photography

Self-initiated 2010
I like the idea of having a fold out section of the book that could hold details about something more specific, I would like to feature the French language in my publication somehow.

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