Wednesday, 28 September 2011


1.  Jim Dine: 'Hot Dream'

I really like this piece of work by Jim Dine, the exhibition was called 'Hot Dream' and included books, photographs, sculptures, poetry and collages.  It also included 52 books, a book for each week of the year for one year.  In the installation Dine explores his consciousness and memory using poetry spoken and written, old photographs and books.
 ‘The fact of making a book a week and the sensual possibilities i.e. the act of making a union with humans through the smell of the ink on the paper, the feel of the images and words. Hot Dream tells a lot about me, Dine, and book-making.’
I really like this work from Jim Dine because it focuses on things like memory and thoughts which I find very interesting trying to portray through graphic design media such as photography, the use of book making, type etc.

2. Sarah Marks - Street Level

These are images taken from a book I got in Tanzania, Dar Es Saalam, by Sarah Marks.  I really like the style of drawing used in the images and I think it depicts the scenes of Dar really well, the use of minimal colour, I think works well and reminds me of the streets I walked down whilst I was there.  I just really like the style and design of these images.  I think its quite interesting and quirky and in terms of illustration detailed in a 'sketch' type way, I think the crooked style of the lines reflects some of the run down areas she was drawing.

3.Jamie Reid - Holidays in the sun
I really like the image of this poster designed by Jamie Reid, the colour scheme, the type face, the main focus of the poster, I think its striking, iconic, suits the image of the band and looks interesting.  I think it looks chaotic and busy, the speech marks intrigue the viewer further.  I think its very appropriate of the time and the punk culture, definitely a recognisable sex pistols image because of the typeface.

4. Dada
-Hannah Hoch
-Raoul Hausmann

I really like these photomontages, I think they look interesting,I like the use of colour and image and the design in general.  I've always been interested in this type of style and I think both posters are done well, I like the use of colour in both, especially the second one, the musty yellows and light browns with a subtle touch of blue in the top left hand corner, I would like to learn how to use colour more effectively.  I just think they're intriguing and I love photomontage when done well.


I like these posters, I don't know how to do anything like this so the method of design intrigues me, I think the use of colour is bold and it looks professional and sleek.  I am not usually drawn to this type of graphic design but something about this piece of work grabs my attention, I think the use of one dominant colour is used very well and the overall design is very modern.  I don't think I'd feel confident enough to produce a piece of work that focuses on one colour so much, I think its something that seems easy but could prove to be quite hard to do successfully.

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