Sunday, 15 January 2012


Eye contains two kinds of receptors, rods and cones
RODS-convey shades of colour, CONES-allow the brain to perceive colour.
Three types of cones, first is sensitive to red-orange light, second green light and third blue-violet light
Single cone is stimulated the brain perceives the corresponding colour, if are green cones are stimulated we see green, if are red  cones are stimulated we see red, if both are simultaneously stimulated we see yellow.
-The eye cannot differentiate between spectral yellow and some combination of red and green, the same effect accounts for our perception of cyan, magenta and the other in-between spectral colours.
-Because of this pychological response the eye can be 'fooled' into seeing the full range of visible colours through the proportionate adjustment of just three  colours, red green and blue.

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