Friday, 8 November 2013


first cop tutorial
I had my first tutorial today with Phil which basically helped me to get a better understanding of the structure of the essay and organising the project in a more successful and effective manner.  As it was the first tutorial we went over the basics of how to start organising the essay and looking at possible directions for research.

I feel I now need to properly organise everything I've done so far and write everything up in a structured way, this week I will aim to start piecing together some paragraphs whilst undertaking more research.

notes from the tutorial - structuring

  • 4-6 chapters 
  • abstract 
summary of what the argument is, main points I'm covering, stating what you're going to tell

  • contents
  • introduction
introducing question - brief outline of what you're doing.  Who, what, why? Tell the reader what you're going to do - lay out all information

  • main body of discussion
different number of chapters - discuss research - case studies - analysis and evaluation of discussion - own opinion - don't put anything that you cant prove

  • conclusions and findings
state clearly - answer the main question - rationale - definite conclusion
further suggestions for research, if another person was to build on your research what further questions would arise 

  • bibliography
references, source materials

tutorial record

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