Tuesday, 4 October 2011


 Visual imagery for inspiration for Jenna's alphabet, looking at every interesting visual I could find from the questionnaire to get ideas for a typeface, it could be interesting working with the basic shapes of a staircase, especially a spiral staircase.
Also looking at seaweed as a visual for a typeface and going into sea life in general:

Looking at images that could translate into some kind of font.

After trying out both these ideas and feeling the outcome didn't really work i moved onto the question about the person you admire most, being her grandma, and so looked into typical things that represent a grandma in general, after narrowing it down I decided to go with knitting as its seen as a common hobby when stereotyping grandmas, it also allowed me to create interesting patterns for my typeface.  i looked at some examples of other fonts with the attachment sewing/knitting and found these:

Ranging from the most obvious connection with sewing to a more subtle approach

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