Thursday, 24 November 2011


Context Of Practice - 5 Pieces of Imagery That I Find Aesthetically Pleasing:

Jimi Henrix Poster:  I really like the simplicity of the poster, the designs very clean, I think the typeface works well and I really like the use of colour.  The stock compliments this, I think the image leaves enough mystery to be intrigued by it, especially if you like Jimi Henrix.
This is a piece I really like by Mark Weaver, who I've only recently known about. Again I really like the use of colour, I think the subtle use of tones compliment each other, colour is something Im not very good at applying to work so I can appreciate it and I'd like to learn how to use it more successfully.  Another thing I like is the image behind being shown through the woman's faded silhouette.
Ive noticed in nearly all the pieces I've chosen a similar colour scheme is appearing, I think i prefer subtle tones as opposed to big, bold, bright colours.  I really like this retro album cover, the typeface in particular, I think its eye-catching and obviously iconic.
This is a photograph taken in France outside the back of a flat, I love this picture, I think the colours look great on it considering I've done no editing's been done, the composition, I think works well, I think it just looks like a really peaceful, interesting place, the decaying parts only add to the whole picture.
I've always like looking at old film posters, record sleeves etc.  I really like the style and layout of this poster, its been up in my front room for years (on that copy the yellows not as bright)  I love the use of the black and white photography, the simple images, complimented by the style of type face, also the fact its Marlon Brando.

From this task, things I think I take into consideration when looking for aesthetically pleasing images:
+Style (retro)

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