Thursday, 24 November 2011


Essay question:'Advertising doesn't sell things; all advertising does is change the way people think or feel' (Jeremy Bullmore). Evaluate this statement with reference to selected critical theories (past and present).

Books that may be useful when trying to answer this question:
-Caples.J, Revised by Hahn.E, (1997) 'Tested Advertising Methods, fifth edition', US, Prentice Hall
-White, R (1980) 'Advertising what is it and how to do it', Berkshire UK, McGraw Hill
-Goddard, A (1998) 'The Language of Advertising', USA and Canada, Routledge
-Phillips.J.M (1997) 'Ethics & Manipulation in Advertising', Westport, CT, US, Greenwood Publishing Group Inc.
-Zyman.S, (2000), 'The End of Advertising as we Know it.', New Jersey, US, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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