Sunday, 11 December 2011


List 5 carefully considered criteria for aesthetic judgement, these must help to define the aesthetic qualities in design that are most important to you:
-message communicated
-colour/ if it has successfully used a good colour scheme
-intricate detail
-finished quality
-hand renderd

List 5 experiences that you will aim to undertake before the second year to enhance your aesthetic experience of the world around you:
-go travelling- somewhere totally different to experience a different lifestyle, culture, cuisine etc.
-take my camera out with me more, take photographs of interesting things and places, make a collection of photographs using various techniques and different cameras, that will interest/inspire some graphics work and create memories.
-visit more exhibitions/galleries/GD related events, to broaden my knowledge of graphic designers, to see work first hand, and to expand my research methods
-more live music- festivals
-go swimming in the italian riviera
-watch foreign cinema
-Write to Ray Davies
-lay on a beach and listen to 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver'

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