Thursday, 1 December 2011


Primary research:'HOW TO MAKE A CURRY'
I found a recipe in 'The Source' Magazine which was helpful because it was designed for students, small budget, time saving and basic. the ingredients were as followed:
-1 table spoon of oil to dry 
-half an onion chopped finely
-one clove of garlic chopped very finely
-200g of tin chopped tomatoes
-pepper (green or yellow)
-one desert spoon of tomato puree 
-one teaspoon of sugar
-one teaspoon of curry paste
-200g pack of peeled prawns drained of water
-salt and pepper
to make for two, with a budget of £2 each:

Firstly start by chopping the onions and garlic finely, also chop the pepper:
Put oil into the pan and then pour the onions, peppers and garlic into the pan, leave until the start to turn a slight brown:

Keep stirring.  Once the contents has been stirred, and cooked to the right amount pour in the tinned chopped tomatoes:

Continue to stir
-then add rice to boil and keep stirring whilst the curry is cooking, remember to add curry paste, salt and pepper to the mix as its cooking, when ready add the prawns and stir:

Add the curry to the rice once its cooked.

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