Sunday, 11 December 2011


What are the differences between Fine Art and Graphic Design?
Graphic Design aimed at masses of people and communicates to everyone, whereas Fine Art is aimed at specific audiences.
Graphic Design-mass produced, communicates on a mass scale
Fine Art provokes personal interpretation- geared towards elitist artists- there perception that they're elite
Graphic Design- public utility.  Fine Art-  Artists have a status, famous, more famous fine artists than graphic designers
Ownership: importance of who made and owns the work in fine art, adds to the status of the art

Arisman, M. (2003)  'Is there a fine art to illustration'
1.Fine Art is pure
2.Illustration is the beginning of selling out
3.Graphic Design is commercial art
4.Advertising is selling-period.

Art vs Graphic Design
-Ambiguity or complexity of meaning
-The designer as wage labourer
-Cultural significance
-Expression and individuality
-Creativity/problem solving

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