Tuesday, 6 December 2011


For our design, visually, we were thinking of having some kind of info graphics design:
Not focusing on the context of this, just the visuals, maybe something like this, with similar colour scheme if Christmas is the main focus, red, green and white could work the best?  In terms of format we were thinking of having a poster type booklet that when opens up a 'make yourself' small 3D Christmas tree, interactive and fitting for the time of year.  On the Christmas tree, we were thinking of having the various traditional christmas foods, placed on the tree in either order of importance to the Christmas meal or in order of price, cheapest things being placed at the bottom of the tree. 

Lizzi found some interesting infographic designs by Kelli Anderson for United Airlines in Flight magazine, displaying facts and information about Christmas trees, the christmas tree triangular format represents a hierarchy which is good when presenting stats and data. Christmas themed designs displayed in a more modern design:

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