Friday, 18 May 2012


I'm finding it hard to put together the publication.  My ideas developed and changed a few times and I feel like I'm not quite sure exactly what i'm doing in terms of theory.  Initially I was worried doing the manifestos didn't get the brief enough theory which is crucial, however, I was still interested in manifestos and had done quite a bit of research so felt like I shouldn't change my idea completely as development work would of gone to waste.  I then tried to incorporate the manifestos with modernism and pick designers/design companies that took a modernist influence and look at their general work and how modernism played a part and their manifesto.  Now that I've started putting the content of the publication together its harder to find information about some of the designers than I thought it would be.  I don't know if my ideas straight forward anymore or has been made complex with the amount of things I'm trying to include and the uncertain content of the publication.

-I don't know whether to focus on one company and its design manifesto, talk about the manifesto in detail and about modernism and the companies general work and style.  This way theory will still be included in the research done on the design company, the modernist aspect and the analysis of the manifesto.  I will try and do this with the Bauhaus and see how it works and what it develops into.

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