Saturday, 5 May 2012


After the presentation I looked back at the idea I had and I couldn't incorporate as much theory as there should be for this project so I've had to re think some ideas about what direction I'm going in.  I still wanted to stick with Manifesto's because it was something I found interesting.  I started researching into the history of Manifestos and came across the Communist Manifesto, which has since been recognised as one of the most influential manuscripts in the world.  I started looking into Karl Marx and the whole idea of communism, looking and analysing specific parts in further detail.  The idea of basing the publication on political manifestos or solely on the Communist manifesto was something that i thought could work quite well especially with my publication choice of a newspaper. 
These are some notes and research to help me come to a better conclusion:
communist manifesto research:
publication ideas:

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