Sunday, 6 May 2012


After coming away from a crit and feeling slightly unsure about what I was doing in terms of visual design aspects and knowing enough about my topic, i've decided to change my idea again.  I will still stick to Manifestos but I need to think of a more theory based approach and take into account the design aspect and how that will reflect my final publication.  In terms of my publications format I'm now unsure what to do about that.  When first pitching my initial idea the newspaper sounded like a good way to represent my ideas and appropriate for what I wanted to create: 
'I would quite like to create a refined, stylish monthly manifesto newspaper, a motivational read which would be released on a monthly basis, possibly each month have a different target audience, for example, manifestos featuring in the publication and the overall design of the newspaper would differ each month, or have different sections within the newspaper targeted at different types of people, either based on occupation, maybe general outlooks on life? etc.  I think because I plan to print on newsprint or a similar stock type will be a massive consideration as a design aspect, I want the newspaper to have a 'graphic design' style influence rather than look like a tabloid.'
However, the problem with this idea was there was hardly any theory behind it and was lacking in terms of trying to put it into context.  I then moved onto looking at the histories of manifestos because I thought this would allow me to grasp a more theory based understanding of manifestos.  The histories of manifestos heavily focused on the Communist Manifesto and Marxism which I began to look into deeper and then political manifestos in general, contrasting modern ones with older ones.  At this point I still wanted to continue with the format of a newspaper exploring political manifestos, giving me more theory based information to work with.  After the crit it made me realise I hadn't thought of a design direction for the political newspaper and would have to be linked in someway to the design that surrounded that period,not only did I not know enough about the design from that era but lacked knowledge on the whole political topic even though it was something I knew slightly about and was interested in.  I felt I was losing a main focus on this whole publication and had various incomplete ideas jotted around on various bits of paper.
I've decided, to gain a more focused direction, I will decide on a specific type of manifesto and maybe this will give me a clear idea of what to do.  Ive decided design manifestos would be interesting to look at especially in terms of graphic design, and hopefully this will open up more ideas for the design development and visual aspect of the publication.  I've also decided to change my choice of publication to a small booklet rather than a newspaper as I don't think theres much reason to choose to do a newspaper anymore.  Looking at design manifestos and the motivational language used will be an interesting starting point along with the design work ethic. 

I'm thinking of looking at a few design company manifestos and looking at the language and the work ethic, also looking at different design movements e.g Bauhaus movement, look at the manifesto and analyse it in terms of what was going on at the time the manifesto and the movement was prominent.. This also leads to the design of my publication Bauhaus/modernist design to fit with the subject in hand.  Looking at the manifesto and looking at the historical context to give it some theory.  Looking at particular movements, a case study on Bauhaus.
Unsure whether to look at various manifestos and movements or base my whole publication on the Bauhaus Manifesto and movement and design in a modernist way.  Will see what outcomes work best as I continue to research.

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