Sunday, 6 May 2012


My ideas developed further and I've decided to combine two of the tasks from context of practice, I'm going to keep manifestos and combine it with Modernism.  Firstly I'm interested in modernist design and secondly I feel this will give my publication far more of a theory based approach.  Looking at the design manifestos Ive gathered, Ive split all the ones that have a modernist influence or were part of the modernist movement into one section, these are the ones i'll be focusing on for my publication.  I will look deeper into Modernism and the Bauhaus for ideas on the visual side of my publication.  As for the manifestos, they will be displayed in my publication after Ive closely analysed certain parts and looked at the motivational language and work ethic of the companies, I will also research into the history of when the manifestos were written to give it more context.  In conclusion I plan to make a small book looking closely at the effect of design manifestos, design manifestos from past and present that have taken strong influence or were part of the modernist movement and a case study of the design company and what influences surrounded them at the time to give it historical context.  It will look into design companies work ethics and give background information on their practice, my publication will be designed in a modernist way, fitting with the theme.  It will be a small book of case studies on certain design companies and their manifestos and an inspirational read for other designers.

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