Thursday, 7 March 2013


I have been researching and looking into the collection that we are going to use in the publication/LookBook, and trying to get a feel for the range of clothes and how this can be communicated in our campaign. 

Inspired by the simple salutation “Tight Lines” which calls for good luck in angling endeavours, Ted has fashioned an exquisite new collection that’s set to get the fish biting this season.
Tight Lines features up-to-the-minute styling, sharp lines and cuts, plus a unique blazer lining that shows stags and rising trout.
Full to the brim with Ted’s experience and knowledge of cuts and cloths, this special collection also matches traditional styles and fabrics including tweeds, Donegal’s and Shetlands.
Key pieces include a two button Herringbone jacket with angled pockets, a lambs wool over check jacket with innovative seam detail, and a taupe Donegal suit.
Each Tight Lines jacket comes with a fly fishing pin and throughout the collection a mixture of natural button on cuffs and fastenings add a slightly bohemian edge – as if a fisherman has lost a few buttons and has had to replace them with an odd assortment found in a drawer.
Traditional fabrics such as suede and corduroy are also used for trims on pockets, cuffs and collars to create a very different kettle of fashionable fish.
So if “fishing is just wishing” make certain you wish for Tight Lines this autumn/winter.

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