Thursday, 7 March 2013


As we will be making an event we need to consider ways of designing the invitations.  The event will be held in the three cities in Italy considered to be big fashion cities, including Rome, Florence and Milan.  The event includes a fashion cat walk of the A/W 12 collection for Ted Baker with various beverages and foods being served and the new LookBook being distributed.  As we want to take British fashion and culture to Italy we need to consider elements of the event that could represent British culture i.e tea being served in traditional tea cups or very British music being played at the event.

This is a design that I think could work for the cover of the LookBook, I really like the stock used, I think it looks high quality and the embossing/debossing adds to it, this is something Sophia and I have considered when thinking about our publication design.  I also think the way the book is bound could be a possibility when putting our LookBook together as it seems practical and a technique such as Japanese stab stitch wouldn't suit a high end fashion publication as much.
I think the invite for the event needs to be simple, I've been looking at some simple letter heads etc. that I feel could generate some ideas.  I think a nice touch would be to foil, either our campaign name or our slogan.  I think processes and techniques are important when considering these invitations as these are things that make it look high end and professional.
Sophia and I have spoken about the possibility of a leather case for the look book to go in with 'Ted Baker:  When in Rome...' embossed/debossed on the front.  This is something that would make it look very high end and definitely in keeping with Italian fashion, however, this depends on the time we have.

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