Monday, 21 October 2013


COP3 progress presentation
This is the presentation that I presented about my topic and how it has progressed so far since researching.  

presentation notes

slide 1
Address the areas of research that I have been looking into, more in depth - historical context, economical, political value - the main focus being the design of the Underground.  Frank Pick's passion for design and interest in branding the Underground successfully.  Iconic and recognised around the world, paved the way for other Metros in other cities - took massive inspiration from the London Underground, in terms of the system itself but also the design.  Contribution to design history - different aspects of design throughout the Underground - promotional posters, station architecture, the tubes, the roundel, Harry Beck's map etc.

slide 2
Talk about potential question ideas - linked mostly to the impact the Underground has had on London, e.g 'How has the iconic design of the Underground contributed to London as a major world city?' 
'How have Frank Pick's designs influenced the capital?'

Talk about the transition of the tubes position from then to now - Frank Pick would hire graphic designers to create promotional, visually aesthetic, well designed posters to encourage people to take the tube - nowadays promotional posters are not needed with 1229 million passengers a year - it has become an essential part of London and public transport in London.  Talk about the connection TFL have with contemporary artists 'Art on the Underground.'  

Oliver Green - How the tube shaped London
Ken Garland - Mr. Becks Underground Map

slide 3
Talk about research already undertaken - TFL Museum, allowed to get the foundations of basic research about the tube as a system and the design aspect.  Guided poster tour - guide talks about the design and impact of the collection of posters at the time.  Research undertaken at the TFL library. specialised books, extending reading list etc.

slide 4
Research I still need to do - Email poster guide to ask more detailed questions
Watch BBC 2 documentary, Design Classics - Harry Beck's Map

Attend Oliver Green talk about Frank Pick's London:

'Frank Pick changed the face of London in the twentieth century through design management. Famously described by Nikolaus Pevsner as “the greatest patron of the arts whom this century has produced in England”, he was head of the Underground in the 1920s and led London Transport from 1933.

Pick’s great passion was for good applied design in everything from graphics to station architecture, from bus engineering to Tube trains. He shaped the city more than anyone since Christopher Wren and worked closely with the V&A to create its modern poster collections and bring art, commerce and industry together. Join Oliver Green, Research Fellow at the London Transport Museum and author of Frank Pick’s London, as he discusses the life and work of this great man.'

slide 5
Practical element - explain idea about setting up an exhibition showcasing the design of the London Underground, in celebration of 150 years.  Information way finding, curating, catalogue, website etc.

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