Wednesday, 16 October 2013


The previous blog posts have helped to allow me to build the basics and foundation information for my COP3 writing.  I now have clearer understandings on some of the basic areas of my topic.  Throughout some of my online research I came across some reliable sources that could be used in my essay, such as information from the Transport for London museum website, visual sources could be used from this site.

I now need to look at some key texts in more detail, the three key books I feel at the moment that will further my research are:

Underground by Design By Mark Ovenden 
How the tube shaped London By David Bownes 
Frank Picks London, Art, Design and the Modern City

Organising and summarising research:

-foundation research including historical, economical, social and political 

design element:
Frank Pick, poster design, identity of the Underground, Undergrounds design in design history, contribution to London architecture and London City.

How has the iconic design of the Underground contributed to London as a major world city?
- Specifically how it has contributed to London
- Influence world wide
- How it has influenced other metro systems
- Impact of Underground design - system for contemporary design on the Underground

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