Wednesday, 24 October 2012


These are some possible publication/ information packs that I'm looking at to get some ideas for my own printing information pack, some ideas on the finished aesthetics:

I like the look of this for potential design ideas, I like that its a collection of products, a booklet, something to keep the contents in and various other bits to add to its visual appearance.  I like this design because I think its appropriate for the topic I'm looking into.  I think the use of stock is a nice idea, this is something I definitely want to incorporate into my final design, especially as the project covers stock considerations etc.  I think the general design is quite eye catching  and simple enough for the amount of information being put into it.
The thing that attracts me most to this design is the size of the book, I think this would work well with the content for my publication, the only problem is and visuals would seem hard to incorporate as the page width is so narrow, however, I do like the simplicity of it and the layout of text.
I really like the debossing design on the front cover of this, this is something I'm interested in doing as a possible design cover, I also like the binding technique used.

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