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You have been given an idea, concept, message or task. You are required to produce a graphic response that engages with a specific audience. Your response should consider the context and environment in which you aim for it to be delivered. You will need to identify this as part of your initial concept proposal.

You should aim to identify, analyse and use existing means of distributions in order to select an appropriate method of communication.

Our group have decided to do: 'get people to try something new'
We looked into various things that would be interesting/unusual/different/exciting for people to want to try.  It would obviously have to be something that an audience would find interesting enough to take the time out to try it.  We originally looked at getting people to try out new 'arts and crafts' and did some basic research on the different types of arts and crafts:
-tee shirt art
-tie dye
-screen print
-jewellery making
-balloon animal
-bead work
The idea was to get people involved in arts and crafts that usually wouldn't take the time out to so, we thought about making a small graphic newspaper with tips/guides on how to do certain crafts.  However, as the idea developed we we're finding it hard to fit everything we wanted to do in to the time given and also struggled to come up with a strong audience.  We then moved onto music, and decided a good idea would be to get someone to try and listen to a different genre of music:

'Get people to try something new, get people to try a different genre of music.'
We decided to encourage people to listen to/experience a different type of music, music is a very personal and opinionated view, and everyones taste differs.  Usually, with music, once you know the genres you like you tend to stick with them, whereas something like film or art, people tend to be more open to trying.  We thought it would be good to encourage students from Leeds to try listening to something new, seen as Leeds has quite a diverse and exciting music scene, especially new students to Leeds, who don't know what venues/gigs/club nights it has to offer.

The firs idea was to have a life sized poster of a huge juke box, placed somewhere within LCA and it had discs attached to the poster with various genres to choose from, the idea was to take a pick at what genre you wanted to try and there would be a selection of some of the best/most popular tracks from the genre.  You would give it a listen and return it and at the bottom of the poster there would be a calendar with a number of gigs/club nights/venues that were happening according to what type of genre you were interested in.  We would design the poster and the disc cover and disc and research into what types of tracks would be suitable for what genre.

After going to the crit the group feels a lot clearer about a definite idea, it was discussed and decided that the life size poster was probably unnecessary and there was no means of getting feedback to see whether our project had worked.  Instead we decided to each take one genre to focus on and design a cover sleeve and disc.  We would then distribute these around college, either putting them into students pigeonholes for them to take away and listen or hand out to people in the mosaic cafe.  After they had given the c.d a listen they would then pass it on to someone else.  How we would get feedback is to set up an account on twitter where they would tweet with feedback about the c.d/genre and if they were interested and wanted to end out more information we would, through twitter, send them a list of gigs/venues/nights appropriate to their specific genre taste.


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