Tuesday, 20 March 2012


For my 'What is a line' brief i'd quite like to make a set of posters advertising interRail rather than a brochure/zine/leaflet.  I was thinking of having posters to promote with the information underneath the posters because I think posters would promote the company more, I could make a hotdog booklet to accompany the posters just giving a small selection of information and referring the audience to a website. I've researched some graphic design travel posters and would quite like to design something along these lines, or at least use them for inspiration:

These three are interesting posters, especially because 'lines' are the main focus, I think they're quite interesting and simple:
I would quite like to create something similar to these, photomontage style interRail posters, I think they could look really interesting especially because I have some of the things I could use to create it, Im not quite sure how you would create this though, whether it would be easy or not, and you'd probably have to use photoshop which I'm not that confident on, these two incorporate maps, which is my 'line' into the design

Finally, I like the designs of these posters, I'd have to relate them more to travel/interRail but I like the style, something to consider:

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