Thursday, 29 March 2012


Design, develop and produce a publication that communicates the Context of your emerging creative practice, concerns and opinions as a Designer. The content of your publication should be based on a critical review and evaluation of the contexts, styles, histories and/or aesthetics introduced within the first part of this module and the material posted to your blogs. The design of your publication should reflect an informed investigation of what a publication is or could be in relation to format, scale, composition, media, production and the relationship between type and image.

The development, practical investigation and documentation should demonstrate an awareness of an integrated relationship between the theoretical, contextual and practical aspects of creative practices. 
This awareness should be evidenced through the ongoing evaluation of your research and development on your Design Context blog.RESEARCH CONSIDERATIONS - You will need to review your existing research undertaken in response to the lectures, seminars and tasks from the first part of this module in order to identify specific areas of interest or points of focus. These could take the form of quotes, images, examples, critical responses, tasks, principles, ideas or concepts.

DEVELOPMENT CONSIDERATIONS - What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? How will you translate your research into content? What form or format will it take? Questions, answers, statements, quotes, images, photographs, drawings, diagrams etc. ? Can you combine these elements ? If so....How? How will you organise the content? How will you make it interesting? 

RESOLUTION CONSIDERATIONS - What is a publication? How is it made? What format could it be? How is the format relevant to the content? Is this important? What are the conventions of publication? How do you work with these? What are the rules? Do you have to obey them?

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