Thursday, 25 April 2013



I have looked into some publication designs that I want to take ideas and inspiration from for my own design:

This is a very simple design and layout for the publication but depending on the quality of the images I think it could work well.  I think if the photos are good enough the main part of the publication can rest on this along with text on the theory of voyeurism.
  • LOMO:Farbrausch

    '"LOMO:Farbrausch" is a reference book dedicated to Lomography. It is a compendium of the origins and history of Lomography, its proliferation around the globe, information about a wide variety of lomography cameras and their data, as well as practical advice and pointers, all rounded of with numerous lomographies.'

    I really like the layout of this publication, I think something like this would be perfect to display the photographs I want to take.  As I want the photographs to be the main focus of the publication I feel it would be appropriate to have them take up the page in order to see the detail, in the same way this book does:
    I also think it would be quite interesting to explore with different processes and stocks to possibly make the book more interactive.  One idea would be to to have an image printed on normal stock and another image that creates an overall image when together to be put over the top of that on tracing paper so something could be revealed when turning the tracing paper page over.

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