Thursday, 25 April 2013



My essay focused on The Gaze, the history and present and the effect it has had on society, whilst writing the essay I briefly touched on voyeurism which is something that I wanted to focus on and take forward into my publication.  Initially I wanted to do something with Voyeurism and photography, and use photography to form the basis of my publication.  As a starting point I decided to research more thoroughly into voyeurism and try to understand the concept more.  I started researching the original definitions and how the meaning and definition has evolved and progressed from the first stages of voyeurism.  I wanted to concentrate more so on the modern day interpretation of voyeurism which was less sexual than the original concept.  However, to do this I thought I would need some knowledge on the basics and beginnings of voyeurism and so began to research into the concept and read various articles and information on it.  Because the term is so widely known I expected to be able to find more information on the subject and found myself being limited to information on it, especially information about a more modern day interpretation.  Despite this I looked at voyeurism and photography, voyeurism as a concept and more closely at the Tate's exhibition 'Exposed:  Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera. This bulk of information allowed me to build a foundation for potential ideas for the publication.  Now that I have looked at the concept in more detail I can go on and take a more modern day approach to the idea of voyeurism and see what I find.  I feel the exhibition the Tate put together was a great way of bridging my research from the old voyeurism to a more updated take on it.
  • Research modern concept of voyeurism
  • Find artists/photographers that capture a modern concept of voyeurism 
  • own photographs of voyeurism?

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