Friday, 26 April 2013


After looking into voyeurism more closely I found some photographers that do something similar to what I want to create.  I want to make a publication of voyeuristic photographs from outside 'the window frame.'  I looked at some photographers that do similar things to what I want to create.  These photographs by Gail Albert Halaban are similar to the kind of photos I would like to take, getting a range of different window frames, and capturing the movement/life of someone through the frame.

Taking voyeurism to a beautiful new level – the photography of Gail Albert Halaban
Luckily for us, and the people photographed, these images really aren’t as creepy as the concept would imply. Gail Albert Halaban has done what many others in New York may well have done over the years (perhaps with different motives) and captured the humans living around her in the towering concrete jungle that is New York City. In this beautiful selection of voyeuristic images, we are taken not just on a secret journey into the quiet privacy of people’s homes, but also on a trip around the buildings at a height which you don’t often encounter, which she has managed to capture with absolute perfection. New York has never looked better and its inhabitants have got some seriously nice apartments.
Anyway, it’s not spying if it’s art. Right?


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