Monday, 29 April 2013


This is a technical specifications for ace hotel properties, the design is simple and again relies on stock and binding techniques, this binding technique is something I would like to try as it looks good but wont be time consuming if I want to make a bulk of books.  In relation to my branding I would like create booklets similar to this that come in each room of the hotel.  Something about Parisian arts and culture to incorporate my research.
This is hotel branding, I quite like the logo design and the stamp used, however, the colour scheme is something I would change when branding my own hotel.  I feel cream, brown (parchment) and black stocks work best to communicate quite a high end hotel.  I want my hotel to be of high quality but still be approachable, with a creative streak throughout the design.
Props such as match boxes and a stamp could work well when taking the photographs of the branding, I think a surface to photograph them is important, a wooden one would be my preference.
This is quite bright white branding, I think some of it works well, the idea of putting a label on the shirt works well for consistency.  I would like to do something quite interesting with the 'do not disturb' door signs because I have seen variations that work well.
This is something I particularly liked about this specific branding, I would like to make something that can slot nicely in to a package or folder because I think it adds to the finishing touch of some of the branding.
This was something I liked about this hotel branding, the use of photography.  I have a few photos of Paris that I feel I could use depending on the quality and the quantity.  Something I'm struggling on is the type face, I can't decide whether the hotel would suit a serif or sans serif type.

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