Sunday, 28 April 2013


As I have changed my original idea from creating a travel pack all about Paris to branding a Parisian hotel, which has an underlining theme of travelling around Paris in a non-conventional tourist sense, I have looked at various restaurant and hotel branding to get some ideas on the type of style I would like my branding to be:

This is my final concept:

Create and brand a hotel.  Based on all my Paris research (cuisine, tourist/non-tourist attractions, land marks, language, Parisian culture) my concept is to create, design and brand a hotel based on travelling around Paris.  The hotel is designed in a way where the branding coincides with Parisian culture.  A real feel for the Parisian lifestyle.  The branding will be designed in a simple way that informs the customers about a brief history of Paris and suggests where to go and what to do whilst travelling in Paris, in an unconventional tourist manner.  Branding would include, menu, drinks menu, do not disturb sign, letter head, luggage tags etc.

This is rebranding for a restaurant called Table No. 1, I think the design is simple but works well, especially for the style of restaurant it is trying to communicate.  I really like the brown stock against the black type, this is something I would like to consider when creating my own branding for the hotel, because I feel this colour could imply travelling.
I like the white stock against the brown stock, again I think quality of stock has a massive influence over the style of branding I want to create.  Certain stock shows quality and this is something I want to communicate when branding the hotel.
This is a rebrand of the restaurant Fat Cow by the Foreign design policy.  Again this design is really simple and focusses on the process element of the design.  This is something that I would like when designing my drinks menu, clean white stock and simple type and layout, this is the best way to display this type of information.
This is another rebrand by foreign policy design company for a deli type food place.  What I have learnt from looking at the branding for most of these places so far is the simplicity of it, the logo and design are generally quite simple but the processes and stock play a huge part in the overall feel of the branding.
I like the imagery of the globe in this branding, this is something I could consider when designing areas of my branding as the general theme is travelling paris
For a design agency located in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps – with an economy thriving on summer and winter tourism, it is almost an exception to have not worked on a project within the hotel industry. The Trofana Alpin was the very first of what has now become a group of hotels in the winter sports resort Ischgl. The hotel group is family owned and holds the very foundation of the Von der Thannen family history.
For that reason this project turned into something personal and very close to our hearts. We redesigned the look and feel of the brand with a focus on their exemplary ability to balance tradition with modern convenience and understated luxury.

Interesting take on the door signs, I could use this as inspiration for an interesting take on my own door signs.

Using props for photography such as stationary/clipboards/folders etc. creates a nice aesthetic and works consistently as a range  For my travelling Paris theme I was thinking of using a suit case/passport/camera to create a certain atmosphere and visual style for the photographs.

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