Monday, 29 April 2013


I have looked into some restaurant branding to get an idea of ways to design the restaurant and bar element of branding the hotel, design ideas for menus, napkins etc.

I like the stock used on this menu and the clip board adds a nice touch for photographic purposes.  The whole feel of the branding makes a difference when photographs that compliment the style of the branding are shown with it, such as the photo below with the authentic wooden table and cutlery.
I like the simplicity of this logo, especially as it is foiled against black stock, I think this adds to the quality of the branding.  Black stock is something I want to try and incorporate within my design, along with brown type parchment paper, if possible.
This restaurant is called passport and plays on the travelling experience.  On the wooden menu board they have printed different travelling symbols which I think could work well, I could incorporate this by laser cutting some of the designs onto my menu board, such as the metro line or  the french language.
Brown stock against black or white ink works well, depending on the access to paper choices I would definitely like to have this type of style in my branding.  Again, small attention to detail, such as the string tied around the packets of herbs, makes a difference.
Simple clean layout, white stock against black text and brown stock:

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