Monday, 29 April 2013


After doing the research and looking at various photographers I decided to try and take some voyeuristic photographs using the window frame as an entrance to a persons natural environment.  I found this task very difficult for many reasons.  The first one being how restricting it is to get up close to peoples windows without them noticing, the second, capturing the subject at the perfect time, no matter how long you wait people aren't always stood within the window frame and when they are its for a limited period of time.  Finally I have realised you have to have a very high quality camera to capture details and allow the photos to look really clear and well shot.  I think there are probably a few I could use but due to my facilities and time limit I feel I should start thinking of other imagery for the publication as I only have a limited amount of photos that I could use.

these are some of the photographs I took trying to capture something within the window frame, as you can see you can hardly make out the silhouette or the subject had left the window before I took the photograph, the camera also hasn't produced the quality of the photo good enough to get a real feel for invasion in the window frame:

These set of images were the only ones where you can clearly see inside to the subjects house in more detail:

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