Thursday, 13 December 2012


After looking into further song choices and inspiration I've decided to slightly alter my re written brief.  The main idea will still remain the same involving London Sixties Week, however, instead of promotional material for the event I would like to design merchandise instead.  I think doing this gives my design a broader direction.  Whilst starting to get some basic ideas for my design I realised I wanted to include some historical context in the poster and I wanted my design to be simple.  I wanted to explore the possibilities of exploring type in a subtle way, I felt that if I would of kept my brief to creating promotional material my design would of been limited in terms of what I could of done with type and image and would of been focused too much on advertising London Sixties Week (which would of influenced my design) rather than exploring the songs through design.  I've decided I'm going to create a set of four posters, each poster symbolising one of the Beatles and in specific an album of The Beatles from early sixties to the end of the decade.  Each poster will have a song written/sung by the Beatle (John, George, Paul and Ringo) on the poster and will give information on the background of the song and appropriate imagery and exploring the song through appropriate forms of typography.

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