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I came across this page about the origins of the branding for the Feel Good Drinks Co.  You can see where the ideas and the designs have come from but I feel it doesn't really appeal to its target audience.  This logo has been updated since as this is quite obviously dated and was created in 2002.

1. Launch The Feel Good Drinks Company with branding and labelling which communicates the taste and 'feel good' benefits of a vitamin health drink.
2. Position the drinks as a healthy alternative to the wide range of energy drinks on the market.
3. Create a visually engaging, dynamic, life-loving, energetic brand that communicates that brand ethos of "Live life, laugh lots and feel good."
Firstly appeal on a thirst-quenching level but also encourage people to enjoy themselves. Communicate the benefit of taking time out to enjoy yourself and savour every "feel good moment" you have in life.

Enjoying and celebrating "Feel Good Moments" was the underlying philosophy that went into every stage of the branding, design, advertising and was a consistent mantra that was repeated during the design process.
To nutshell this whole concept I created a character illustration at the centre of the label (nicknamed Felix) who communicates through his poses the functional benefit of the drink. The character was created to communicate a specific Feel Good Moment generated as a result of drinking the product, and featured centre stage in every design.
I also designed the Feel Good Drinks labels with the idea for the whole label to be essentially the corporate logo. For brand personality the character and colour of the label would change for each flavour - a big decision in branding terms as we were essentially changing the logo each time.
Although an original goal was to feature a Feel Good brand logo that never changed - it was felt that a flexible approach was needed to serve the brand ethos better. As the flavour changed, the colour and illustration also changed to reflect the functional benefits and ingredients. This resulted in a design platform for the brand that allowed an infinite range of options. Felix was drawn in many many poses to get the expression just right - and an ever-changing range of colours and illustrations made for a great looking range of drinks when all lined up together.
As the Feel Good drinks range were originally designed with the idea that they would be positioned as alternatives to the caffeine-loaded energy drinks on the market (that were enjoying great increase in sales at the time) the feeling was that the designs should go someway to compete with them and communicate to buyers of these energy drinks as a healthy alternative.
The functional benefit was therefore at the forefront of the communication rather than the natural content as such the label was really polished in appearance - designed on clear acetate, with clean type, keylines and bold colours.
This design platform paved the way for the latest designs (more recently given a makeover by Turner Duckworth) - which have now adopted Felix in the classic original yoga pose across the whole range and have concentrated more on the natural look to great effect.
The latest designs I think have shifted focus away from the energy drink alternative look of yesteryear and now project a much more natural, wholesome and down-to-earth kind of design - natural paper labels, distressed type and graphics make for a less polished, but more funky fun-loving look that I think has definitely more appeal - so hats off to the new designs - they look excellent - if dare I say it - closer to the mighty innocent look ;)
in 2002 The design won 3rd place at the British Glass Shine Awards. and The Feel Good Drinks Company won the Orange Small Business of the Year Award. 

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