Monday, 3 December 2012


I have chosen the second brief on the Feel Good YCN briefs, the brief is basically asking to raise brand awareness and get the companies name out there for their target audience to become more familiar with the brand and get the drinks to become a popular choice amongst the public.  For some initial research I have decided to look into similar drinks within the market that are more successful in terms of popularity and see what techniques they use to appeal to a young audience.  The first drink that comes to mind in a similar field in Innocent smoothies:

These are some screen shots from the innocent website:
There packaging is appealing and different to most things out there, they have a clean cut, yet hand rendered, organic feel to them.  They also have novelty knitted hats that come seasonally which is something extra to appeal to its target audience.  They get their customers involved with certain campaigns, for example, 'the big knit' is something customers can get involved with to raise money for elderly people during the winter months:
The packaging is appealing, the drinks are healthy and add to one of your five a day and the drinks have a reputation for being tasty, hence the name, company and drinks being so popular.  This is something I need to think about in terms of raising brand awareness when trying to think of a successful campaign for 'Feel Good' drinks.

This Water is another company that have been quite successful in being a recognised brand, not as successful as Innocent, but more so than 'Feel Good.'

I also looked at campaigns and packaging thats not as well known but is interesting and nicely designed to get some further ideas:
Designed by the Paris-based agency SIMONE with the graphic design execution of London-based designer Billie Jean, this packaging design for Infusion, an organic herbal tea.  Even though the brief states that 'Feel Good' like simplistic designs for their packaging, I still think this is quite a nice design and enables me to get some ideas:
Heavily based design on fruit which is something I'm thinking of focusing on when trying to successfully advertise 'Feel Good' drinks:
'Nestled in a village near the heart of the Cotswolds, the bottlegreen factory has been crafting a range of soft drinks for 21 years. Unfortunately for most of those 21 years that’s exactly what it looked like – a bit ‘own-labelly’, a bit more suited to a Farmer’s Market than a supermarket. One iconic, sophisticated redesign later and it’s now confident, aspirational and leaves a real impression.'

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