Thursday, 20 December 2012


Before starting to design my beer label I looked into other contemporary beer label designs that I thought best matched the requirements of the brief to get some design ideas.

Co-branding between danish brewery Halsn√¶s Bryghus and Galleri Liisberg. The beer is a limited edition belgian wheat beer with orange peel and coriander made specially for Galleri Liisberg to promote an exhibition of art from the CoBrA movement, the exhibition flyer can also be used as a wrapper for the beer.

This is a really simple design but I think it works well and definitely communicates contemporary design.  The beer was a limited design to promote an art exhibition which is similar to what Leeds Brewery is asking of so I'll consider this style of design as this design is probably directed at the same target audience as that of Hellfire.
Again, another really simple design and the colour scheme appears similar, I quite like the style of the typeface in this, I think this is something I will consider when designing my label as I think it could work with the title 'Hellfire.'
I like the idea of creating a clear label and having emphasis on the type face as the main design.  Scotts Brewing Co. is a simple design based mostly on the typography, simple type placed effectively with information about the beer on a small label at the bottom end of the bottle.
This has a similar design to the first two, focusing mainly on type with a red and white colour scheme, I'd like to focus on type whilst designing mine and maybe creating basic symbols that could represent something to do with the Hellfire beer.
 This design focusses on a similar title concept to hellfire with the name 'firewater.'  I like the added attention to detail with the bottle cap design having a fitted piece of material to match the style of the label and the neck label, keeping the design consistent.
 Emphasis on type again, like the colour coordination with the bottle caps matching the flavour type on the bottom half of the bottle.  The design on the neck of the bottle adds to the design, I like the look of the bottles as a set, consistent yet subtle individual designs for each different type.
 High end design, quality stock with foiling process, looks contemporary yet classical design with the colours and type used.  Simple, clean illustrations  and designs, the foiling adds an element of high end, expensive design along with stock choice.

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