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For the exhibition logo I needed to think of something that obviously represented the London Underground and was in keeping with the company's branding but something that was redesigned to show it was representing the exhibition.  The name of the exhibition is 'a journey through design,'  I think this is appropriate as the exhibition covers various stages of design from posters to architecture.  It also looks at the background of Pick and the values he had and how these are shown through the design of the London Underground.

ideas for exhibition logo:

  • roundel in its simplest form
  • coloured tube lines 
  • old fashioned roundel and exhibition title
One of my initial ideas was to have the logo design in black and white, its simplest form, in 0.25 stroke as though it was the first sketches, mapped out designs of the roundel to signify the beginning of the design, I thought this could work for the logo of the exhibition as it'll show the starting point of London Underground design.
I thought this would be a suitable design as it could be easily placed on poster designs and look simple and clean, especially if photographs of London Underground tiling and designs are used on posters.  This is the design developed further.  I wanted to use the old fashioned design of the signage because I think it now looks better as a design piece in the modern day but also because I think this can show the starting point of the exhibition, as its a journey.
My original idea was to have it in its simplest form but I think the signage works better when colour has been added.

After looking at these initial designs I thought it would be more recognisable to have the logo or the colour red as part of the design as I think this shows in a more obvious way the London Underground.  The idea to the left was taken from a London Underground poster that shows the development of the logo, I thought this would be fitting as the idea of the exhibition is to show the journey of design and so the exhibition logo could symbolise this progression and development of the early designs.  The second design incorporates the name of the exhibition, which I thought should use the recognisable London tube type face, however I do not like the positioning of the type in the second image and I think the first design looks unfinished.

This was a different approach, something that looks less like the symbolic design of the underground but is still very obviously to do with the company as it used the original branding.  I think taking the red out makes it less obvious.
I feel this image shows more design on my part and the black thick outline looks like it could represent some kind of exhibition/gallery, I think having the original signage from the London underground works well, the signage shows past classic design mixed with a more simplistic, contemporary design with the exhibition logo.  I think the less colour will make it easier to place over a range of designs such as posters and leaflets as this gives me more freedom with colour and pattern when designing promotional material.
This is the same design with a red circle added to the right hand corner, the roundel shape is placed in a more abstract way but I think it adds a more recognised look to the logo.  I don't know if it looks as though theres too much white space inside the black outlined box and whether the typeface should be made bigger and the use of cap locks should be taken off.
This was a new approach using the roundel as more of a recognised symbol, however iI think the placement of type works less successfully and it feels a bit unsettled in the layout.
The three designs below are the ones that I so far think work the best and look the strongest.  The first one on the left shows the simple, classic signage of the Underground with the more modern, simplified and recognised logo included in the design.  That shows the original designs of the Underground with the modern thick lined box surrounding the exhibition title in the typeface of the tube.  Even though there are four colours used in this design I feel the colours seem dull enough to not distract from any designs that could take place on the promotional material.

The last design, placed at the bottom has an appropriate shape to be placed on the footer of posters/leaflets etc. It fits together in an even lay out and takes the original design with a slight edit, I think all three of these could be used as potential designs for the exhibition logo.
With these designs I thought the simplistic compact shape would make it easier to place the logo on a range of designs.  The one on the left seems like a more versatile design for various promotional material, however the one on the right shows the heritage of the London Underground design and the timeless design including the slight progression into a more modern look.
This was a completely new approach to the previous designs I had been trying, even though the idea of using the tube line colours has already been done I thought it could work as an eye catching design for the exhibition logo.
This was the design in its most basic form, the only thought with this style is the boldness of the colours when placed on a design that could already have various colours/patterns etc. which could make the designs clash and look inconsistent.
I thought the silhouette of the roundel placed in the middle of the display of coloured tube lines worked better than the exhibition type placed over the colours.  However I think because of the roundel being white the coloured lines need to have no white space between each on like the original idea shown above (and possibly without the black boarder, the intention was to keep the logo enclosed into one clean space.)

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