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As well as using the main poster with the image of Pick I wanted to incorporate some images of the tube, photographs that I had taken of various stations.  To keep the branding consistent for the exhibition the logo is placement stays at the bottom right hand corner, these posters are A3 as opposed to the Pick one, being A2.

These images don't focus massively on a particularly nice bit of design for the tube but I quite like the grittiness of the second one and I think even though they look a little rough I think once edited and combined with a modernist type layout.
The typeface follows through to the smaller promotional posters to show consistency of branding for the event.  I have changed the images to black and white to allow more consistency for the posters and also because I think the general design looks better with the images in black and white.
Looking at exhibition logo colour scheme, I think it looks more legible in white, however to keep consistent with previous Pick poster it should consist of the same colours.  The colours taken from the 'journey of design' title on the Pick poster are the colours taken from the exhibition logo which was an imitated version of one of the original first bits of signage from the blue bar of the roundel.
 It was important to show the theory of modernism in the design, by using a grid I feel this will come across more so, the text on the posters need to give some insight into what the exhibitions about and the theory behind what Pick believed in and the relevant information about the exhibition.  Ive also incorporated the basic symbolism of the roundel to show the nearest tube station.  Eventually the exhibition is intended to travel across the UK to show and celebrate the designs, but has started in London because this is the place I have agreed to use for the venue.
These are the posters developing in terms of layout, however the colour of the word 'a journey' needs to be changed, the exhibition logo is placed in the same corner as the Pick poster.  The layouts of both poster are exactly the same apart from the image changing, however the information on these posters differ from the last, with the previous ones being more about Pick.
photographs of patterned seats on the tube
I thought these could be interesting patterns to use and quite recognisable to Londoners.  Again this isn't something that is a really impressive bit of design in terms of the tubes history but I think for the poster design it works well and the use of the old posters commissioned have already been used in various campaigns to celebrate the 150 years.
central line
At first I thought about leaving the image by itself and using the most important passages of information to display theory and show the most important details.  However I thought using a quote from various lectures Pick has given or beliefs from the DIA would be fitting as the all relate to the building and design principles embedded in the tube.

When first starting to design the brand for the exhibition I started off using the tubes original font, in keeping with the company's branding, however I think this looked too much like the design of the tube and I wanted to bring a different style to the event, so looked at some obvious modernist typefaces, Helvetica Neue, working the best

This is the colour taken from the first Pick poster which I thought could work in terms of consistency, however because of the similarity with the pattern in the seat it made some of the last words slightly eligible.

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