Monday, 13 January 2014


This is some development work for the exhibition, looking specifically at trying to include theory into practice and looking at Picks beliefs and design values with the input of the modernist movement.

At the moment I am finding it quite hard to design the style of the exhibition branding because I need to apply modernist theory but also allow the visuals to be in keeping with the London Undergrounds branding and bring something different for the style of the exhibition.  These are three things that need to be seriously considered.

This is a mock up wall display using print outs that could be extended when putting on the exhibition in the summer.  It basically pieces together the roundel, arguably the most iconic piece to be designed, and places the DIA and Frank Picks design beliefs and theories -  which includes elements of modernism around it.  The roundel working as a central design piece embodying some of the values of the quotes.

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