Tuesday, 14 January 2014


My initial designs were to use the photographs I had taken of various bits of station tiling and architecture as some of them visually would make nice images for designs, however I found that it didn't work well when being but all together as the colour scheme seemed to clash and it didn't seem to represent the London Underground in the way I wanted it to.  The individual images were nice in depicting some well crafter designs but together it looked messy and didn't work for exhibition branding.

To try to make it work I tried using the London tube typeface and Helvetica Neue to take a modernist design approach, also laying them out in a grid style, yet it still didn't work.  I initially thought about changing the images so that they were all black and white to make the design look more consistent but I felt this took away from some of the design which is important not to do as its promoting an exhibition celebrating the design.

I decided to take a completely different approach and the leave the photographs for another area of design within the exhibition.  This is the design for an A2 poster promoting the exhibition, I wanted to have Pick as the focus point as the exhibition is displaying his thoughts and design views.  Although the exhibition will focus on contemporary designs from 'Art on the underground' which has nothing to do with Pick, the majority focuses on the era that Pick was in charge.

The exhibition is called a journey through design as it is looking at the past 150 years of the Underground design.  The poster will show all the relevant information such as the dates of the exhibition, time, a short passage about what the exhibition actually displays and various quotes.  It was important to give the design some context which is why a lot of the text addresses the theories of Pick and the DIA.

An important quote that should feature on various designs will be 
'Fitness for purpose is at the root of enduring beauty.'
To put theory into practice I have used a modernist grid to display the information. 
Looking at the best way to display the exhibition name in terms of being consistent with the exhibition logo.  These are the three colours from the exhibition logo which are taken from a copy of an original design when one of the first versions of the roundel and signage was introduced.  Although it incorporates all three colours to keep the style consistent its fairly eligible, especially the word design .
Using the roundel in its simplest form within the design.  I think it could depend on where its placed, however I don't know if it works with the simple design and layout and could look too distracting.  Information that is essential for the promotional poster:

  • venue
  • dates
  • times
  • nearest tube stops
  • website for more information on the exhibition
  • passage telling the viewer what the exhibition is about 
  • theory, Pick and the DIAs design values, showing the theory and thought behind the design and identity of the London Underground

Left hand side, information about the exhibition, right hand corner: quote from Pick about design principles.  Roundel, opacity faded, central to the image, however seems too distracting, works better without, shouldn't cut across Picks face.

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