Monday, 6 January 2014


For my practical outcome I thought the best way to show my research through what I had written in my essay was to propose an exhibition that I would hopefully be able to put on in the summer once sorting out a venue.  I thought this would be the best way of visually displaying my research in a practical way.  My question looked at how the design had contributed to the London Undergrounds success so an exhibition showcasing the organisations 150 years of design felt relevant.  

For my exhibition I wanted to focus on the design elements but also incorporate the theory behind Picks designs and his general thoughts and values about design as this hasn't been a main focal point with other Underground related exhibitions.  The idea of the exhibition is to showcase London Undergrounds greatest designs through the ages with a strong focus on Pick and the company's design values.

Im finding it quite hard to come up with some initial ideas for the way I want the exhibition material and mock ups for the event to look.  This is because the London Underground has its own successful style of graphics and I need to make sure I keep the face of the company's design recognisable within the exhibition but have my own design input.

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