Wednesday, 15 January 2014


The brief was to propose an exhibition that will eventually be put on at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Building in Kings Cross.  Due to my essay question I thought an exhibition showcasing London Undergrounds classic designs would be a fitting format and could also be linked to the 150 year anniversary the tube celebrated in 2013.

Design principles of Frank Pick, the pioneer of the London Underground design movement, as these theories and design concepts are visibly linked when the design of the Underground was taking shape.  It will also focus on the design principles of the DIA (Design and Industries Association) and Pick being a leading member championed these ideas of 'form follows function' which is displayed most successfully through his design work on the Underground.

Putting theory into practice I have tried to keep the theme of the work mainly focused on these aspects.  Throughout my essay the theory that was applied was 'medieval modernism' a concept by Michael T. Saler, who believes due to Picks traditionalist beliefs inspired by William Morris, combined with the contradicting progressive ideas (accepting the machine) was an appropriate title for the man behind the modernist styling of the city through the Underground.

Bearing this in mind I have designed the work in a modernist style incorporating the design philosophies of Pick and the DIA.

In order to successfully display the theory behind the design of the Underground I looked at the DIA's principles and Picks personal design philosophies.  I also looked at examples of modernist work in order to apply Picks beliefs to my own designs.

I visited the London Transport museum as I thought this would be a good source of inspiration in terms of exhibiting work, and also attended an exhibition showcasing the London Undergrounds collection of posters to get ideas for my own proposed exhibition.

For potential visuals for my designs I visited various Underground stations to capture signage, station tiling, architecture etc.

I contacted various venues to enquire about putting the exhibition on in the summer, resulting in success with a space in Kings Cross:

After exchanging emails I made an appointment and a room has been booked during the summer for me to put on the proposed exhibition.

This is a design manifesto compiled of theories relating to modernism and William Morris, which also directly relates to the constructing and design of the tube and the impact it can have on society.  The three images are Pick and two members of the DIA, as these principles were compiled by the Design and Industries Association.

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