Thursday, 9 January 2014


As I intend to put this exhibition on at some point I have been emailing potential venues that I could possibly use.  As its a travelling exhibition I have tried to email a few venues.  At first I wanted the exhibition to be held outside of London to promote the design nationally but I feel it would be useful to start off in London as its the birth place of all the designs.  London and Leeds are my targets.  This is the email I have put together to send out to various venues:


I am currently in my third year studying BA Hons Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art.  I would like to enquire about the possibility of using one of your properties to put on an exhibition focusing on the design of the London Underground, a travelling exhibition that will celebrate its recent 150 year anniversary.  I think somewhere outside of London would be a great place to try and showcase some of the designs.

It wouldn't run for a long period of time and was hoping that I could put it on during the summer, between june and august.  I think one of your spaces would be ideal and I would be really interested in putting it together after my I have finished my degree.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kathryn Brooks

This was the response from Tetley in Leeds, I have now proceeded to fill out a proposal form:

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