Sunday, 12 January 2014


These are some notes and images I have gathered for ideas for my own designs.  I think this exhibition branding works really well, it looks consistent throughout and has a clear logo, colour scheme and typeface.  I like the layout, the information being clearly displayed on one side of the card with the logo on the left hand side.  I also like the individuality of the set of cards, some having different variations of the logo to others.
This has given me an idea for my layout and ticket design.  Based on a similar layout I would like to have all information about the exhibition on the right hand side of the ticket and then a small zoomed in photograph of bits of tiling from various stations as the image.  This will also allow for each ticket to be slightly different with the image changing for each design.
I like the detailed design of this fold out leaflet, a similar design would work for a guide to the exhibition using either photographs I have taken of the tube or images online that show the history of the London Underground design, for example tube stations when they were first built or a few examples from the vast collection of commissioned poster designs.
Exhibition catalogue, I think using black and white images makes the design look more consistent, this is something I will try when designing the poster, however as the exhibition focuses on the design of the Underground it could be quite important to have the images in its natural colour as this is a strong part of most design, especially the work of the London Underground.

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