Sunday, 12 May 2013


I first made a small mock up to see how my publication would shape out (not to actual size) and the format type I could explore:

This is an idea for the contents page, to have the headings as facebook terminology, something that the audience can recognise as being obvious facebook lingo.  I thought the three stages suited the three parts of the book.  The beginning being sign up or log in which would be an introduction to the publication, talking about the concept of digital voyeurism.  The second part of the book would be 'accept friend request' this is because this is the section of the book that gives an insight into the individual case studies.  The last part of the book, 'log out' concludes the publication.
In terms of page layout have the opening pages for the second part of the book (investigation into individuals facebook pages) have an image of them with a black line across their eyes to hide their identity, just have their name and on the opposite page have a 'what's on your mind?' section with a list of all the old statuses written by them.
When you turn the page you will then see the persons photograph and profile details laid out revealing their information.
I thought about having a fold out section that opens out into a visual timeline showing statuses, quotes, photos, places they have visited and people they have spoken to.  This is something I will consider as I feel this could display a timeline quite well, however, would it be appropriate for the type of format?
Extension of timeline, fold out to reveal more about the individual

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