Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Even though I personally don't like the design of the actual products within this branding I do like the attention to detail that has been put into it on the visual display front.  These are similar colours I want to try and work with, brown parchment stocks and cream/white papers.  I think the branding has been photographed really well which is something I need to bare in mind when presenting my final products, I feel the quality of the photographs at the end definitely have an impact on the overall feel and quality of the branding and communicates what type of hotel it is:
Small details such as the pencils, clip board and ball of string, I feel, make the quality of the branding look stronger and add atmosphere to the photo.
The black and white photographs and the camera add a nice touch to the overall image, I think if I can gather enough props that relate to the hotel, Paris, travelling theme and photograph them with the branding it could make a difference in the final presentation.

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