Saturday, 11 May 2013


I wanted to call the publication 'whats on your mind?' as I feel it has been a theme throughout the book and is fitting as its what is said when you go to update your status.  For the front cover I wanted to keep it simple and consistent and so I thought using an image with a black line across the eyes to disguise their identity was the best way to do this.
I have also included a log in header at the top of the page as well as a 'sign out' at the back of the book.
After looking at my first layout I decided I wanted to make it look a bit more like an editorial piece and use the photos in a more successful way.  This is the rearranged layout, I have decided to lay the type out on top of the photo, depending on the photo quality.
I think this fits the style of an editorial layout better.
Looking at overlaying the images and text, I have made it white and bolder to become more legible, this is a section about the individuals work and education, family and location.
An arrangement of timeline events selected at random: 
Each person has a different layout for their timeline which is arranged with pictures to allow the audience to see what you can access from a profile and to make the magazine look more visually appealing.
The final page ends with a 'log out' section and references where I got the research from:
Change in layout:
I decided to edit my layout of the spreads, I felt the first attempt wasn't as good as it should of been and have tried to play around with positioning image and combining the two a little more successfully.

I think this works better for the type of editorial design I wanted to incorporate.

The book highlights the power social networking has and what digital voyeurism actually is.  The start of the book talks about the concept and displays some facts and statistics about social networking and facebook in specific.  The second part of the book goes into individual case studies to prove the concept and give an insight into the amount of information you can gather on someone just from their facebook page.

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