Tuesday, 7 May 2013


I have looked into website designs for hotels that could give me some ideas when mocking up my own website for the hotel.

The Hotel Daniel doesn’t need a conventional hotel classification – the beautifully designed and brand new rooms are superbly appointed with technical facilities. In fact they symbolise the principle of “Smart Luxury” in practice. So there are no unnecessary things here to get in your way. The websites of Hotel Daniel Vienna and Hotel Daniel Graz wonderfully emphasize the Hotel Daniel’s concept „Smart Luxury“.
Clean, simple and modern lay out, when mocking up my own website I will have the following pages:
  • homepage
  • room reservations
  • gallery
  • concept/about

WANDER (overview page)
As Wander is rolling out it's limited beta, we build an overview page to introduce Wander to new comers and give a preview of what the site is about to those waiting for their ticket to arrive. 
The overview included shareable postcard quotes about travel and a ticket that could be filled out and shared to blogs and other networks. 

I like the photography and general layout/style of this overview, something I will look at when designing my own website:

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