Sunday, 5 May 2013


After deciding on my three concepts I decided to look at posters that could help me progress with my design direction for it.  The posters content has nothing to do with my concepts, only the style of design is what I will take from them.

For my tetris poster concept I thought something similar to the design of this could work well, I think its simple with the stock and colours used but I think it could work well for an exhibition poster.  I could lay out the tetris shapes in a similar order, arranging them so they all fit together.  I like the way the information has been displayed in this particular poster, at the top and bottom in a small type face so as to not take away from the design.
This is another design I thought I could fit into the tetris concept.  I like the detailed drawings and technical feel of the poster, presented very clean and informative.  For my design I could possibly layout the pieces of tetris in different sections of the poster giving an informed explanation of the game and use the shapes as a metaphor for the work , 'rotate your piece to fit the space.'

For the idea of spelling out 'watch this space' with hands because hands are a creative tool I thought I could take inspiration from this poster.  I wanted to take black and white photographs of the hands and put them in a specific sequence to spell out the slogan, similar to what this poster is doing by acting out the title of a film, charades.

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