Friday, 10 May 2013


These are the design sheets for my planned publication, the idea was to take something digital and very much online and bring it to a printed format, as one of the topics I was dealing with were people becoming to obsessed with living a virtual life and letting social networking become a part of everyday life to a way that has massively effected society.  The idea is to make it look like a magazine similar to crack magazine and other contemporary designed magazines that deal with arts/culture/entertainment and current events, this way it will appeal to my target audience.

Separating my book into three different sections to, the first one being a brief introduction and looking at the stats facts and figures, the second being the individual case studies on each person, this will be the evidence provided to support my theory.  The third summarising my findings referencing peoples thoughts on the concept.
The type of editorial style I want my publication to be, something contemporary that deals with current topics, arts and cultures in a creative way.
 In terms of layout and content I was thinking of using Facebook terminology to run as a theme throughout the magazine, subtly.  Having the contents page work as a newsfeed and each section of the book is named after the process of logging into Facebook.  For example section one: Log in, section two: whats on your mind?//Accept friend request, section three: log out.
Pages to be clean and simple, showing facts and stats.  Unsure whether to display the stats facts and figures as infographics, will this suit the style of the magazine?

I need to think of other ways in which I could present it, something type based.  The imagery needs to be consistent throughout as I will be using photographs from individuals Facebook accounts.
I want the photographs to play a part in the visual design of the publication, depending on the size of the magazine will decide on the size of the images (due to quality that is out of my control) I have been looking at various ways image and type have been laid out in contemporary magazines that can influence my design.
Editing and playing around with the photographs, could disguise the identity to add to the visual effect of the magazine.  I will be using comments and wall posts from the persons timeline as quotes and information. 
In terms of format I was thinking of having a fold out section for each individual as though it folded out like a timeline, this will be the section that has the information about the persons timeline and events that he/she has attended etc.

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