Thursday, 9 May 2013


After having the progress tutorial with Fred and defining what I actually wanted to make I feel a lot clearer about what the end result will look like.  I am most interested in editorial and publication design so have started looking at publications that could work with the content I am going to use.  My main focus is about how much information is online and how obsessed people have become with this virtual online presence where updating your social network is a daily part of life.  This is why I am making my final product in print form, to take away from this online obsession.

I want to create a creative, high end magazine that is current, similar to crack magazine, dealing with art, culture, entertainment etc.  I feel a magazine like this would be a good format for the topic im dealing with as social networking is very current and the target audience would be the same age as the people purchasing these type of magazines.

I want to concentrate on the layout of type, I think this can make a massive difference to the feel of the publication, I will need to make the type layout appropriate to the content.
I really like the design of this A4 magazine, I think the use of type and image works really well together.  In terms of publication size I haven't decided on an appropriate size, I don't think anything bigger than A4 would work.
I would like to do something quite interesting with stock, I haven't decided what could be done yet but I would like to try and incorporate a few different types of stock, this could add to the quality of the publication.
I think this layout could work well for my publication, its quite text heavy but there will be a lot of information about social networking and the individuals information from the facebook page.  Imagery is something I'm going to have to look into, the obvious photographs could be used from the Facebook page but I need other ways to visually demonstrate the topic.

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