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Social Networks
The male and female split on social networks is bang on 50%
 US Presidential election & London Olympics helped boost global advertising spend in Q3 2012 by 4.3 per cent
Olympics & the Jubilee, both of which saw heavy coverage on social media, may have been a driver in recruiting new users for 2013 in the UK
On social networks, 69% of follows are suggested by friends
The  untapped business value of social media is $1.3 trillion, most of which comes from improved office productivity
34% of marketers have generated business using social media
Social Media is the number 1 activity on the web
Only 14% of users trust advertising opposed to 90% who trust recommendations online

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world!
Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube

Females are doing the majority of pinning with 80% of #Pinterest users who are female
Pinterest was the big noise during 2012, but the UK Pinterest population was a tiny fraction of that in the US
On Pinterest, 80% of pins are re-pins
Pins with prices get 36% more pins than those without

Instagram saw its share of social media traffic grow by 17,319 percent last year
Instagram is currently ranked 6th amongst UK social media sites by visits, with 1.46% of all social media activity
More than 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every 24 hours

135 million people are actively posting on G+
Websites using the +1 Button increase page traffic by 350%
The Google+ button is used 5 million times a  day

The proportion of the UK population registered with Facebook has gone over the 50% mark for the first time, and now sits at just under 53%
Facebook UK loses 600,000 users in December 2012
More of the population is using Facebook in the UK than in the US
1 million websites have integrated with Facebook
There are 33 million #Facebook accounts in the UK alone!
210,000 years of music has been played on Facebook
80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook
23% of users check their Facebook account 5 or more times a day!
If  Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world!
69% of parents are friends with their kids on Facebook

Just over 17% of Twitter users are in the UK, so that would give us a total figure of 34 million live accounts in the UK
Still, the vast majority (81.1 & 74.1% respectively) of accounts have fewer than 50 followers, and follow fewer than 50 accounts themselves
Engagement is key: "56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored
In the last 6 years: "Since the dawn of Twitter there has been a total of 163 billion tweets
The average Twitter user has tweeted 307 times
56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored
53% of people on Twitter recommend products or services in their tweets

The total number of LinkedIn users in the UK passed the 10 million mark during 2012, and is now approaching 11 million
Linkedin represents just under 18% of the UK population making it the number one professional social networking space for the UK
79% of LinkedIn users are over 35, and it’s also the only main social media site where men outnumber women
Every second 2 new members join linkedin

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